Fabrizio Frangione

Guitar Player

Fabrizio Frangione, guitar player

No more silence (2014) - CD Special Edition

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No more silence (2014) - CD Special Edition

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"Where the rock guitar instrumental music meets pop!"


Fabrizio Frangione, Italian guitarist and session musician, for the first time author, solo artist, and executive producer. 
The goal of the album is to express concepts of instrumental music with rock and fusion influences in the context of pop music. 
Singable melodies, short tracks and sound design typical of pop-rock productions.
Two guest-star on drums: Sergio Bellotti, Gregg Bissonette.


Fabrizio FRANGIONE (Guitars, Piano & Keyboards, Loops, Vocals and Bg Vocals)

Sergio BELLOTTI    (Drums)

Gregg BISSONETTE (Drums)

Gianluca CALO’ (Bass)

Antonello RUGGIERO (Drums)

Francesco GIAMBERSIO (Piano & Keyboards)

Produced by Fabrizio Frangione & Paolo Alessandro Cherubini